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Feranklin & Marshall College

Feranklin & Marshall College

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January 1, 1970
About Project


Our work included cost estimating and a cost-benefit analysis of various design options for this project Feranklin & Marshall College. We also provide construction cost estimating services at each stage of design.

The estimators at BUILDING CONNECTS  ensured the construction cost estimates for college to be accurate and LEED compliant for any discrepancies regarding safety cost considerations.

The Facilities Management department of the existing college administration was the owner of the project with contractors bidding on this as our clients. The main facilities to be considered are multipurpose room, living room, Koscher Kitchen and seminar room. The ceiling, stucco, finishes, flooring takeoffs with plyboard drywalls estimates ensured the prime accuracy of the cost for maintaining the facilities.

The Feranklin & Marshall College Project

The setting used for contracting for CMAR in which the construction manager is at high risk for cost if the estimated amount quote will exceed the limit. Visit our  The Blue Book profile.

The construction takeoff services in the market with affordable rates and least turnaround times are none other than BUILDING CONNECTS  that ensured throughout accuracy and precision. The sustainable building features include geothermal heating and cooling which required MEP takeoffs along with adequate shop drawings where required for subcontractors throughout the metrics. Various procurement methods were adopted yet the only estimating accuracy save the stakeholders from cost escalations and dragging away from schedules.

The outdoor patio and supporting facilities were accurately takeoff and provided insulation takeoff on structural and drywall assemblies. Feranklin & Marshall College is one of our best projects.

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