Construction Estimator:

A construction estimator plays the most crucial role in the construction process as it can help you to estimate your total construction cost. Many of our respected clients want dedicated and skillful construction estimators who can be part of their construction project and guide them about the total estimated cost by using all the latest construction estimating software’s available in the market as mentioned above. Some of this software are:

  1. Plan swift
  2. Bluebeam
  3. On-Screen Take Off
  4. Cubit
  5. Build soft
  6. Co-construct
  7. Pro-core
  8. Civil 3d max

Not only this our construction estimators can help you to maintain your budget line as well. We are aware that everyone has a limited budget for all the construction processes. So our estimators can guide you to the utmost level and can save you from financial distress in future. Our talented estimators have experience of at least 15 years and are professional at their work.

Our company Building Connects have trained these estimators so they can serve you without any mess. So if you want estimation services for commercial, residential, industrial, education, healthcare, parks, sports and entertainment and civil projects then you can take our monthly takeoff package so whenever you need a construction estimator they can be available for your help at any time of the day. Some of these Monthly takeoff packages are:

  • Market competitive yet economical rates for estimation services.
  • Discount offers given time to time
  • Your privacy is our main concern and we guarantee to conceal all your personal information within our company. So no need to stress about leakage of your personal data.

Responsibilities of our construction estimators:

Following are the services or steps that are performed by our professional construction estimators:

  1. They meet the clients, get all the related documents like property plans, technical drawings and project specifications.
  2. Our skillful estimators then read all these documents in detail to get all the information about the work.
  3. Then they gather and decide appropriate human and material resources as per the requirements of the projects
  4. Estimators try to negotiate on your behalf for these resources
  5. Construction estimators not only help to estimate the cost of construction but also estimate the required time for the project so that our clients can mentally prepare themselves.
  6. Call and email the clients to stay connected with them
  7. Lastly, they meet all the clients’ in-person to know what they think about the offers served by our company Building connects.

So to get all the estimation and biding services our company can provide you with an expert estimator who has a lot of experience from his past projects. Some of our clients are:

  • Vendors
  • Architects
  • Owners
  • House builders
  • Developers
  • Investors
  • Project managers
  • Various contractors

Our Services:

Following are the major services provided by our company “Building connects” related to construction purposes:

  1. Bid Estimates: Many contractors and Subcontractors approach us for the bid estimation services. Through our developed construction cost estimating database, we provide their location, material and labors pricing information that is useful for them for the construction process to start. These construction projects can be of small or large scale depending upon their budget line. But we will ensure you the best biding estimation services as compared to any other company.
  2. Design Estimates: Every client that comes to our company have to present their project on which they are currently working. For this people have to submit their plans and drawings for the construction projects. After analyzing these plans our company Building Connects will guide you related the labor and material required for the completion of your project. And these estimations depend on your specific design. As we see there are different shapes of buildings for everyone and depending upon the design the quantity of labor, material and capital vary from one another. These accurate estimations are provided by our company. Besides this, our estimators will try to satisfy the customers to the maximum extent. As we know and value the fact that client satisfaction will lead our company to glorious success.
  3. Preliminary Estimates: Preliminary estimations are done before starting the construction phase. These estimations will help our clients to make a proper budget for their construction process and if they want to acquire a loan then they can also apply to any bank for the loans or get it from any family or friend for a specific period. All these preparations will save you from future hurdles that can stop your construction process. And these preparations can be done with the help of our company’s construction estimators efficiently.
  4. Conceptual Estimates: Building connects provide conceptual estimates at the initial level of the construction process. This estimation tells the client what will be the cost and benefit of the next construction step. This step by step analysis is quite critical because it depends on the market situations and labor plus material cost so it can change anytime. Our trained estimators will try their best to give you exact conceptual estimates as per the current market prices.
  5. Monthly takeoff package: Contractors can save up to 60% of expenses by subscribing to our monthly takeoff package. Not only this our monthly takeoff package can provide many other benefits that are given above so you can read them as well and then decide either to buy or monthly subscription package or not. But undoubtedly this package is worth it and we never disappoint our clients. Our talented and proficient team will guide you in the best way so that you can make wise decisions for your construction projects.
  6. Consultations: We provide consultations to our clients so they can fully understand the construction cost and budget management scheme. Besides this clients can discuss anything related to their construction projects and we will provide you with the best suggestions, ideas and solutions to different problems.

Our construction Estimation Process:

When you contact us for construction estimation guidance we believe in providing you following services step by step:

  1. Receive your drawing plans: Building connects will receive your drawing plans and in return provide you a quote, invoice and the delivery date of the expected cost estimation.
  2. Give a quote: As you send your drawing plan and if our team accepts to work on it then you will receive an invoice. You can pay us through credit card, debit card and PayPal. Any medium that is suitable for you, you can use it. After receiving payment our brand will start working on your desired plan.
  3. Provide estimate: Then lastly we will provide you with an estimate about the material and labor resources with their prices in Excel form or our personal template or on the client’s template as you wish or demand.
  4. Final Audit: A final audit is also done by our company’s expert to recheck the estimates and confirm the quality of the information provided to the clients.

So visit our link and submit your drawing plans without any further delay to avail these outclass services by professionals.

Benefits of Hiring Us:

Some of the major benefits for selecting Building connects for your construction estimates are the following:

  • We provide accurate estimations for your construction projects
  • All these services that we give are offered at an economical price so everyone can take advantage of these services easily
  • Our monthly takeoff packages can offer you extra discount rates
  • We give suggestions related to bidding and construction material takeoff 24/7 to our customers