Residential Estimation:

Our company can provide you with amazing residential estimating services for the new construction projects or renovation of the existing residential buildings. If anyone of you want to plan the construction of residential buildings then we can provide you with the perfect estimations. And these estimations will ultimately guide you about the following things:

  1. The total cost of this project.
  2. The amount of capital and resources you need
  3. The number of investors and the amount of investment you are required to complete the construction process
  4. And your expected markup also so that you are motivated towards your target.
  5. How to tackle problems that you face at different times
  6. Expected labor hours and tax rate also

All these pieces of information are accurately provided by our company’s residential estimators. These estimators will try their best to satisfy our respected clients so everyone can trust our brand for this task also.

Portfolio of residential estimating service projects:

  • Single-family residential houses
  • Apartments
  • Multi-Family residential houses
  • Custom House
  • House improvements
  • Townhouses
  • Renovation
  • Additions
  • Extensions

The building connects will not only guide owners, investors, Architects and Lenders about residential estimates but also about material labor takeoff.

Material labors takeoff is the estimation of material and labor cost for your projects. And trust me our company can give you exact cost estimations as compared to other companies. Because we have hired skillful estimators and trained them as well to tackle various situations that they encounter at different times.

Why choose Building Connects:

  1. We Provide accurate residential estimations at market prices
  2. Cost-effective and timely solutions to the problems
  3. Consultation services
  4. 24/7 availability on email and chat for the customers
  5. We help and guide you to complete your project within your specific budget
  6. Help you to increase your bid hit ratio and win more bids
  7. We provide services that can help you in different ways and you have to pay us only when you need us

The software’s used by building connects:

Following are the software used by our company for building cost estimation services:

⦁ Plan swift

⦁ Bluebeam

⦁ Cubit

⦁ Build soft

⦁ On-Screen Take Off

⦁ RS Means

⦁ Co-construct

Our professional and trained staff can use all these software’s effectively to calculate the overall cost of expenses, material and labor. Once they complete the calculation one of our experts recheck their estimates and after being fully sure we give accurate information about residential estimation to our clients. So that our client is not upset with our services and can trust us for his upcoming projects as well.

For Residential Contractors:

If you are a busy residential contractor then we can help you in making your bid estimates and bid documents that you can submit directly and win lots of bids for your projects. We will handle all your work you only have to contact us and provide us with your project plan. Indeed it is a big opportunity so do not waste your time and contact us today.

Detailed accurate Residential Bid Estimates:

We have a great experience of providing accurate estimates to our clients because we use up to date pricing and the latest software for this purpose. Some more services that we offer are:

  1. We provide quick and exact bid estimates
  2. We try to provide marked-up plans on time
  3. We assist how to smartly file and handle bids
  4. Subcontractor Marketing
  5. We guide you on how to manage your bidding network profile or portfolio elegantly

New Construction Residential Estimation Services:

We can guide you in the construction of new residential projects. Whether you want to build a house for a small family or a highly complex apartment our team will provide you with the exact estimates related to the following points:

  1. Total labor required
  2. Material required
  3. Expected labor hours
  4. The overall cost of the residential project
  5. Feasibility reports

When you get all these details then it is easy for you to decide your budget rate. And then you can start hiring labors for the construction phase.

Residential Construction Estimating Services for Trade Contractors:

Building connects can guide and provide accurate estimations to trade contractors and Subcontractors as well. So that these contracts can win bid proposals, set a good and achievable profit margin and know about the labor and material requirement according to the length area of your construction.

With our specialized team of estimators we serve contractors in the following steps:

  • Site work  Cut & Fill
  • Landscaping RCC Concrete
  • Masonry  Plastering
  • Painting   Framing
  • Drywall Tiling
  • Flooring  Glazing
  • Millwork GWB
  • Lumber Carpentry
  • Electrical Mechanical
  • Plumbing Insulation
  • Doors and windows Accessories
  • Equipment and Furnishings 
  • Demolition & Hazardous materials

Renovations, Remodeling and Home Additions:

It is not an easy task to renovate an existing house or any residential building. You have to come up with amazing ideas to present to the clients by utilizing the existing material takeoff. In these critical situations, we can help the contractors and present them with some amazing ideas and suggestions that they can use to impress their clients. In short, we do not only provide estimations but also wonderful ideas for your residential work. Therefore all the contractors out there can contact us as we will welcome you and guide you with all our hearts.

For Residential Developers:

Preliminary Residential Estimates:

We know the importance of preliminary costs and estimates for any investor or developer. That is why we try our best to assist them with all the preliminary costs as well as hidden costs that you people can overlook at various times. This little mistake can create a big financial problem for you in future. So to save you from all such mishaps we guide you perfectly.

Final Pre-construction Residential Estimates:

Before starting the construction process all the investors receive bids from contractors. The investors have to verify these bids by a third party and then they choose anyone of the bid with whom they want to work. We can help investors to verify the bids and ensure them that the bid is according to market price and which bid is best for them. All this guidance is beneficial for the investors so contact us and leave the rest on us.

For Residential Architects and designers:

Our estimators can help architects and designers to complete their projects according to their diagrams and plan without facing financial shortages. The building connects will help and guide you to solve all your problem so that your investment and hard work does not go in vain.

Process of Residential estimation:

Upload your plan: Send your work plan on our official websites or call us directly.

Get a quote: After analyzing your plan we will send you a quote that consists of an invoice, turnaround time and delivery date of estimations. The invoice you have to pay quickly through a debit or credit card in order to get estimations on time.

Receive estimates: Once payment is received we will provide you with accurate estimations on the stated date and time as per our commitment

Now if you are familiar with our process then what is stopping you to contact us. Send your diagram or plan quickly.

Our service Areas:

We try to cover maximum areas while providing residential cost estimating services to our clients. We offer services in regions of North America, the Caribbean and Australia. Furthermore, in the US, we serve in the following markets that are:

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Florida
  • California
  • Washington
  • South Carolina
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Georgia
  • Arizona
  • Oklahoma
  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • Virginia
  • Alameda
  • Colorado
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland etc.