Commercial Estimation:

Our company can also help owners, zone developers, engineers, design firms architects and contractors to estimate commercial projects at a cheap price yet these estimations are helpful for our clients in every manner. Till the present time our company has served many clients all over the world and successfully provided those with accurate estimations and guidance’s after personally meeting our clients and getting their documents related to work.

When we talk about commercial estimations then let me clear you one point that Building connects guide you from small construction projects to large scale projects as well. Some of these are:

  • Restaurants
  • Airports
  • Shopping centers
  • Courts
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Police Stations
  • Army centers
  • Hotels
  • Communities

We also provide services to design-build firms who are responsible to design the commercial buildings under the same contract. These designers also need guidance related to cost, material, labor and man-hours. So they can also contact us and get our services at any time if they have our monthly packages and if not still they can send us their documents and we will see how we can help them.

The estimators of Building connects are quite trained and expert in their work they can provide you with accurate estimations that can lead you to budget creation and cost management throughout the construction or renovation process. Our team will assure you of the best services and advice that can help you to achieve your goals in your desired time successfully. Besides this, our company will help you to set your profit margins and file the bidding proposals that can make you different from your competitors.

Commercial Estimating services:

For commercial Contractors:

  • Accurate Commercial Estimates: We try to provide you with accurate commercial estimates by using various software that is:
  1. Plan swift
  2. Bluebeam
  3. Co-construct
  4. Pro-core
  5. Revit
  6. On-Screen
  7. Xactimate
  8. Cubit
  9. Build Soft

Our trained staff can properly use this software to calculate the total cost, labor and material required as per your location and current market price to complete your commercial construction. Once you get all these details you are ready to start your construction work.

  • Bid Estimates: We provide guidelines related to bidding that is biding estimates, setting profit margins and filing competitive bids that can help you to win new project leads. The bid estimates that we offer are easy to understand by our clients, easy to review and edit as well on the Excel spreadsheet. These bid estimates will not only drag customers towards you but also it can guide you in multiple ways. So all the contractors can contact us and get their accurate bid estimates on time. Our services include:
  1. Bid estimates
  2. Guidance on smartly filing bids
  3. Subcontractor Marketing
  4. Project Lead assistance
  5. Material and labor Takeoff
  6. Way to schedule and review projects
  7. Legal claims
  8. Cost management tips and tricks
  • Material and Labor Takeoff: Building Connects after analyzing your commercial project diagram will provide you with an exact estimate about the quantity of material and the number of workers that are required to complete a specific job at a specific time. We present all this detail on an Excel spreadsheet organized by CSI division Format or your personal customized format.

For Commercial Developers:

Preliminary Commercial Estimates: The developers, investors and owners need to calculate the preliminary cost of a project before the development of plans to analyze the total cost of that specific project. Our team with their prior knowledge, recent market survey and by using software will calculate the exact cost of preliminary expenses and will guide you about it. So that you can start and complete your task successfully.

Pre-Construction Final Commercial Estimate: After the completion of preliminary estimation developers start working on their diagram and design of the commercial project. Once it is completed, they start filling bid proposals. Our company will assist you in the following matters:

  • how to properly plan your biding proposals that can attract contractors
  • How to negotiate with these contractors
  • Ways to generate capital for the project and get loans as well
  • We will teach you the cost management skills that will help you to maintain your defined budget line

For commercial Architects and Designers:

Design Estimations: Building Connects works efficiently with all the architects and designers engaged in commercial activities. We provide them estimations for all the design alternatives they present to us and then guide them on which design is suitable for them according to their budget. Besides this, we also provide them with construction estimates of these designs. Our guidelines will command and lead you to glorious success. It means any architect and designer can trust us at least once. We also review your drawings to omit errors and to ensure trade consistency.

Budget Creation: Budget Creation is the toughest step for any designer or achieves and they need to get the correct estimation for the project. That is why we can help you if you will send us your schematic diagram and design, after keen analysis, we will give you accurate estimations and by using it designers can set a budget for their commercial project.

For commercial design-build firms:

Yes, we offer estimation services to design-build firms as well. These firms provide design and construction services to their customers under the same contract. Both these services require accurate estimation and information about the following things:

  1. Labor cost
  2. Material cost
  3. Equipment cost
  4. Man-hours required to complete a specific project
  5. Fees of subcontractors and another indirect costs like tax, logistics and storage cost

After getting accurate estimates, the design-build firm can select their budget line and start working on their commercial site.

Building Connects promise the following services:

  1. Accurate estimates at a market competitive price
  2. Quick turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours
  3. Consultation services
  4. 24/7 availability on email and chat for the customers
  5. Easy to understand report
  6. We provide colorful marked drawings for review

Our estimation process:

The building connects estimation process includes the following steps:

  • First of all our trained estimators meet the client personally and get the drawing of the commercial projects.
  • Then we examine the drawing of the customers and analyze it in the best possible way so that we can give good suggestions to our clients
  • After that, by using our market reports and the latest software that is named above we calculate the total cost of the project, labor and material
  • Lastly one of our experts recheck the calculations and then we submit our estimation reports to the clients so they can use them and start working on their project without wasting a minute

Our service Areas:

We try to cover maximum areas while providing commercial cost estimating services to our clients. We offer services in regions of North America, the Caribbean and Australia. Furthermore, in the US, we serve in the following markets that are:

⦁ New York

⦁ New Jersey

⦁ Florida

⦁ California

⦁ Washington

⦁ South Carolina

⦁ Oregon

⦁ Texas

⦁ Georgia

⦁ Arizona

⦁ Oklahoma

⦁ Indiana

⦁ Ohio

⦁ Virginia

⦁ Alameda

⦁ Colorado

⦁ Kentucky

⦁ Maryland etc.

So many contractors, architects, owners and developers contact us for accurate estimation and consultation services. I hope you will also trust us. Therefore give us a chance and send your plan, get a quote and then an estimate that is helpful for your commercial project completion.